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Digitaltronics has developed network solutions and security systems for most Uganda corporations. The aim is to provide Local and Wide Area Network and ICT solutions for enterprises operating over dispersed national or regional sites, based on existing and emerging technology.

AT Digitaltronics we provides ICT advisory services in the area of network design, tendering, installation and support, and this provides important financial support as the company rolls out its on-going data services.

The company provides assistance in the procurement, installation and maintenance of related equipment. This assistance is based on a number of local and international dealerships and partnerships.

Digitaltronics is experienced in a range of voice and data solutions. 

Network equipment supplied and Installed 

Ericsson PABX’s – MD11O, BP250, BP50
Cisco Routers and Switches
Extreme Networks Switching Product range
KRONE Copper and Fiber installation and Termination
Avaya, Orinoco 802.11x Microwave link equipment
CODAN Radios - VHF/UHF/HF Voice and Data networks
SYMBOL Wireless Barcode Scanners
Redline Broad band free space Laser network links
VSAT Voice and Data networks
IT Wyse Network Terminals
AXIS Communications IP Network Cameras
Expand Compression Technology
Packeteer Application Traffic Management
Site Build Infrastructure and Electrical Installations

Microwave Solutions

Our microwave transmission solutions complement our infrastructure site build portfolio and provide transmission backbones to sites catering for expansion of telecommunication service providers. We have forged solid relationship with some of the world’s leading market Vendors, enabling us to offer microwave transmission solutions that include dimensioning, installation and commissioning of point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint WiMAX systems.

Microwave Transmission Services

Site Surveys and documentation
RF-planning and presales system design services-Radio Frequency.
Project management Network Engineering services Installation and Commissioning.

Infrastructure project management

Site survey
Site evaluation
Contract administration
Site supervision

GSM/Radio Frequency

Installation of GSM( both panel and omni) antennas, and doing both tilts and azimuth/bearings
Installation of feeder cables, 7/8’ and 1/58’ and safe clamping of feeders onto the mast and cable trays.
Earthing of feeder cables
Making both male and female connectors
Termination and commissioning of feeder cable onto the Base Transceiver Station(BTS)
Powering BTS with either VDC or AC and Earthing them
Installation and configuring of 2 Meg cable, alarm cable
Termination of Distribution Fuse (DF) box and Microwave Krone panel
Sweeping feeder cable.

Digital Microwave Radios

DXR 700
Out Door Units(ODU) and In Door Units (IDU) microwave Units
Power for both ODU and IDU using VDC Power Source
Earthing as above
Installation and configuration, and kroning of tributary cable
Installation and panning (to maximum RSSI levels) of transmission antennas From 0.3m to 3m in diameter
Installation and panning of Laser Links,
Weather proofing for connection points, ear 

Our microwave offers include

Main transmission backbones
Point-to-point access transmission
Back Haul and Links for Mobile communication(GSM) Networks
th points and termination points.

RBS Infrastructure management

Civil works
Equipment shelters
Towers and masts
Rectifier systems
Site electrification
Solar systems
Site fencing and security

Our comprehensive Radio Base station infrastructure solutions includes

Supplying equipment to any location, Warehousing and in-country transport Digitaltronics (U) Ltd has several trained Engineering resources with competences in the installation and commissioning of Ericcson, NERA microwave Radios, Motorola, and Erickson and Huawei BSC equipment

Power Rectifier Cabinet

Installation of Battery Banks,
Powering Rectifier Cabinet using 3 Phase AC Supply
Termination of Alarms
Powering BTS and Microwave Cabinet with either AC or VDC or both power sources.